In each generation, it is rare for an artist to have the potential to become an icon. However, it is our considered opinion that Lincoln Townley is one such extraordinary artist. Described by Sir Michael Caine as the new Andy Warhol, and compared by others to Francis Bacon, his artworks are taking the world by storm.

The British artist is best known for his ability to capture the beautiful, creative and volatile forces of the celebrity world. A relatively unknown figure just four years ago, Townley has become famous for producing dark and electrifying portraits of popular icons.

We know that the value of his work has risen 200 per cent in the last two years alone. West Ham co-chairman David Sullivan has been collecting Townley’s work for the last five years, and claims to have seen over 800 per cent increase on his investment. It seems pertinent to buy Lincoln Townley art sooner than later if you’re looking to profit from an art investment.

Lincoln Townley’s recent portrait of Kate Moss fetched £600,000, topping a previous record price of £510,000 paid earlier this year for a painting of Muhammad Ali. According to the Evening Standard, the Kate Moss piece was purchased by a British collector as a Christmas present for his wife.

This latest diamond-encrusted artwork formed part of Townley’s Diamond Dust Collection, a series of celebrity portraits which also feature Al Pacino, Clint Eastwood and Elizabeth Taylor. Each piece features gold leaf and up to £50,000 worth of diamond dust.

This latest record sale reflects the growing audience looking to invest in Lincoln Townley, and the artist’s continued rise to fame. He is even set to be the star of upcoming documentary 93 No’s, which will examine how the artist was turned away by 93 art galleries before eventually making his breakthrough.

“I always believed that if I worked hard enough, my work would be exhibited in major galleries,” Townley recently explained to Viva Manchester.

“The more doors that were shut in my face, the more determined I became. I never stop working, I just keep going and that relentless energy goes into my paintings.

“It’s hard for any artist to succeed, especially a self-taught artist like me, but if you’ve got grit, guts and you never take ‘no’ for an answer, anything is possible.”

We know that Townley has many celebrity fans and collectors, including Sir Michael Caine. Even more impressive, he has been welcomed into more than one creative industry.

Recently, it was announced Townley had been commissioned by BAFTA to create portraits in celebration of this year’s honourees, which include Jodie Foster, Samuel L. Jackson and Ewan McGregor. This is the second year he has painted the BAFTA honourees, producing works last year of Orlando Bloom, Harrison Ford, Amy Schumer and Meryl Streep.

Townley was also commissioned by Los Angeles Fashion Week to paint seven of the world’s most iconic supermodels. Cindy Crawford, Kate Moss, Naomi Campbell, Cara Delevingne, Helena Christensen, Heidi Klum and Christine Brinkley feature in the series.

“These cover girls have an energy which I couldn’t wait to capture in my own style,” explained Townley. “I feel the connection between the subject and the muse is very strong… these women ooze the power to communicate with just a glance.”

Due to their extraordinary increase in value, many people are seeking to invest in Lincoln Townley artworks as profitable assets.

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