This is a walk-around tour of the START SAATCHI art fair is held at the Saatchi Gallery each year and this year Lincoln Townley featured as an exhibitor. This video features a collection of the artwork from various artists at the Saatchi Gallery. START SAATCHI exhibits many artists work from around the world, 2019 featured: ACIA Art Gallery, Aigana Gali, AN INC Gallery, Area 35 Art Gallery, Art Alla Studio, ART LABOR Gallery, Baga 06, Berman, Contemporary, BiHop, CIAS GALLERY, Cengiz Yata─čan, Eclectic Gallery, Eva, Fang Fang Liu, Galleri Oxholm, Gallery Sumukha, Hana Louise, Shahnavaz, Haze Gallery, IADA and ai projects, Illuminati Neon, Irena Prochazkova, Jade Flower Gallery, Jennifer Morrison, Katya Shkolnik, Lincoln Townley, MERKUR Gallery, Michelle Poonawalla, Ming Lu, Nat Bowen, ODA Fine Art, One East Asia, Pedro Merry, Philip Colbert, Premium Pages Collective, PRIYARAN, Rachael Brown, Roberto Lombana, Salvatore Battaglia, Sandra Cronan Ltd, Sarra Badel, Sheetal S Agarwal, SHTAGER GALLERY, Sladmore Contemporary, Tania Nasir, The Dragon Gallery, The Gallery Steiner, Tomonori Nishimura, Tristan Leicester, Ulla Leigh and Yun Park