Award winning actress and television personality Denise Welch joins the team this week, speaking candidly about mental health, work and how art has impacted her life and relationship with Lincoln.

Lincoln reflects on how his practice is influenced by private life events to both create and sell work. The team discusses their own influences in building a successful business and the importance of surrounding yourself with the right people to get where you need to be.

Creating art can help you navigate through the tough times in life but it’s just the first step. Lincoln emphasises that you shouldn’t be embarrassed about trying to make a living from your work – use that as motivation to create work and reach your goals!

The new podcast show from the Lincoln Townley Studio discusses everything art related. From the psychology of sales, to finding out about creative and unconventional methods of selling art through social media platforms and discovering new artists. The podcast covers a wide array of topics and atypical themes of interest to artists, art lovers and collectors.





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