A British artist who made his name painting Hollywood royalty is launching his latest show, about “people who take risks”, in Venice.

Last year, we dove into the boundary-pushing world of LIMITATO, a Gothenburg-based clothing brand specialising in wearable art pieces.

Think high quality tees emblazoned with iconic moments in music and fashion history – lush velvet squares showcasing well-known artists and photographers.

And now, the Swedish label have announced their buzzy collaboration with esteemed British artist Lincoln Townley, which will see his dramatic art – which previously has specialised in gritty, abstract portraits of celebrities – feature on their high-end garments.

The London-born artist is recognised globally for his dramatic figurative work, which verges onto the experiential. Last year, Townley purchased a luxurious £7m penthouse Chelsea property – known as 19 – to give top art collectors and investors the chance to “live” with his art before buying. This is the first of three planned luxury properties the artist hopes to purchase in the coming year, including one in Basel, and one in New York.

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