A British artist who made his name painting Hollywood royalty is launching his latest show, about “people who take risks”, in Venice.

Lincoln Townley, who has painted portraits of stars including Al Pacino and Leonardo DiCaprio, is showing his Behind The Mask works at Venice during the Biennale exhibition.

The 30 paintings, some of which are 8ft tall, will be shown in a gallery by the city’s Grand Canal.

London-born Townley said his show was inspired by his interest in “people who take risks and go at life guns blazing”. He said: “I gravitate toward charismatic extroverts, when you look at my work you can see the figures toiling.

“My work is difficult for most to live with but I have an incredible satisfaction knowing those who thrive in this mad world of personal gain immediately see themselves in my work.”

Townley, whose collectors include Michael Caine and West Ham-owner David Sullivan, has urged fellow artists to embrace technology to sell their work.

He has created WhatsApp groups for his collectors, used Instagram to advertise to buyers and recently held his own online auction.

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