CREATE, SELL, REPEAT… with the Lincoln Townley Studio

At The Lincoln Townley Studio, the virtual “shift” happened before the world was hit by Covid-19. Having created his very own art market and art world, boundary-pushing British contemporary artist Lincoln Townley had always explored alternative ways of communicating, positioning and selling his work online. Making use of WhatsApp, LinkedIn, Instagram, Reddit, TikTok, Facebook… You name the platform; Townley is on it! Unlike any other artist in the so called “art world”, Lincoln Townley attacks things head on.

Over the past 7 years, his works have been exhibited internationally and bought by some of the most famous and powerful people on earth as investment grade art. Townley’s original oil works on canvas and board explore themes such as greed, power and are a reflection of what hard hitting successful people are willing to drive themselves through as opposed to what unsuccessful people are unwilling or unable to do.

Create, Sell, Repeat; his new podcast show will discuss everything art related. From the psychology of sales, to finding out about creative and unconventional methods of selling art through social media platforms and discovering new artists. Create.Sell.Repeat will cover a wide array of topics and atypical themes of interest to artists, art lovers and collectors.

At The Lincoln Townley Studio, we believe that creating a self-serving art community is of utmost importance in post-lockdown times. Restrictions and changes in the way we make, consume and communicate about art in challenging times should be embraced as opportunities for change and adaptation. Connect with The Lincoln Townley Studio to find out about the upcoming launch of CREATE, SELL, REPEAT.

About The Lincoln Townley Studio:

The Lincoln Townley Studio; supplies original oil artworks, limited edition prints, head studies and merchandise created by contemporary artist Lincoln Townley.

The Studio acts as a creative communication hub between YOU, Lincoln Townley and his artworks. Constantly looking for alternative ways of connecting with art lovers, collectors and artists, The Studio will now share weekly updates about Lincoln’s new works, projects, upcoming shows and unconventional art sales and distribution methods.

Composed of different creative teams and departments, The Lincoln Townley Studio also offers art collectors bespoke framing services to protect, showcase and store their LT originals.

Connect to the Lincoln Townley website for your weekly LT Diary entry.